What Are The Different Types Of Tattoo Needles?

What Are The Different Types Of Tattoo Needles?

When it comes to getting a body tattoo, there are several needles you can use for this procedure. There are four types of tattoo needles. These are Magnum needles, liner needles, shader needles, and capillary cartridges. The latter two are ideal for making circles and larger areas. Kwadron needles are also a popular choice for a tattoo. You should also know what type of tattoo needles your artist uses and what is best for your skin. Read on for more information.

Magnum needles:

Unlike other needles, magnums are round, which means that they hold more ink than conventional ones. These needles are perfect for shading or covering large areas. They also come in various shapes, including flat and curved. The round type is also the most commonly used. Besides, they are more durable than other kinds. Unlike other tattoo needles, they can also be used to make detailed designs.

Liner needles:

There are several types of liner needles. The shape of the liner needle depends on the type of tattoo you are having. If you are having an intricate design, a round liner needle might be the perfect option. This style is great for tribal tattoos and can be used for lining and dot work. The code for this needle is RL, which stands for round liner.

Capillary cartridge needles:

Capillary cartridge tattoo needles are ultra-comfortable, precise, and safe for use. The needles contain a reservoir capillary in the tip. These needles are ideal for people who are new to tattooing or for those who want to get a more permanent design. The capillary design ensures a smooth, even tattoo line. Capillary cartridge needles are the preferred choice of tattoo artists across the world.

Weaved magnum needles:

Weaved magnum needles have a long taper, making them ideal for shading and color packing. They also feature a wider gap between the armature bar and contact screw than round shaders. This allows for a lot of ink to be delivered in fewer passes, which makes them great for large-area shading and lining. Ink tubes must be attached to the pen gun to use them.

If you are considering getting a tattoo, there are several types of needles to consider. These include magnums, curved needles, and microtips. The most popular type of shader tattoo needle is the magnum. These tattoo needles are soldered and have two rows of alternating pins. The thin spacing between the pins makes them ideal for shading and larger areas.

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